I Should Coco (Nuts to You)

I Should Coco (Nuts to You)


Produced by Cathy Shostak and Ted Carfrae

The National Radio Campaign for (Cocoribe) was recorded at Hans Zimmer’s and

fellow Trinity College of Music contemporary Nick Glennie-Smith’s Lillie Yard Studio

This ad led to a single being released: Tongue ‘N’ Cheek –  I Should Coco ( Nuts To You)

with the singer Julia Johns and myself.

Despite loads of PR, and some very saucy photographs taken by the infamous Beverley Goodway,

(the Sun newspaper’s Page 3 photographer), the single only sold 59 copies!


I Should Coco

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Cathy Grass Skirt

Cathy Grass Skirt


I Cant Get You (Outta My Head)



Produced by Wally Brill, Robin Langridge and Brad Davis

Robin Langridge: Keyboards

Chris Jarrett: Guitars

Ian Williams: Bass

Stuart Skinner: Drums

Backing Vocals: Annabel Lamb