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So, I took a fantastic job as Music Editor at Music Sales, editing and compiling music books with the brilliant Pearce Marchbank (Omnibus Press) and the legendary “Miles”. Some of the best illustrators and artists such as Brian Grimwood, Peter Brookes and Mick Brownfield were hired to do many of the covers. I have many happy memories there working on everything from Rory Gallagher and John James, to the Beatles and Classical Music and also working with the late lovely arranger Cyril Watters.



Rory Gallagher

Music Edited: Cathy Shostak

Arranged by: Roger Day

Tablature: John James

Text: Harry Doherty

Book design: David Pearce


The Beatles

Rock ‘N’ Roll





Covers: Mick Brownfield

Compiled: Pearce Marchbank and Cathy Shostak


The Easy to Play Series

Compiled by: Cathy Shostak

It’s Easy to Play Classics (Illustrations: Peter Brookes)

It’s Easy to Play Beatles (Illustrations: John Ireland)

It’s Easy to Play Waltzes (Illustrations: Brian Grimwood)

It’s Easy to Play Blues (Illustrations: Peter Till)

It’s Easy to Play Paul Simon (Illustrations: Bill Sanderson)

Arranged by Cyril Watters


Easy Guitar Series


Gordon Lightfoot

Jim Croce

Jim Reeves

Music Compiled: Cathy Shostak and Graham Leighton

Covers: Lars Hokanson

Book Design: Howard Brown


The Mickey Mouse Songbook

Music Editor: Cathy Shostak

Book Design: Paul May

Art Director: Howard Brown

Cover Art: © Walt Disney Productions


Christmas Carols

Compiled by: Cathy Shostak

Cover: Graham Percy

Book Design: Howard Brown


Published by Wise Publications

Distributed by Music Sales Ltd