MMD Gala Concert

Mercury Musicals Development 20th Anniversary Gala

 Novello Theatre, London



Michael Ball (presenter)

Michael Xavier

Janie Dee

Claire Moore

Gary Milner

Annalene Beechey

Hayley Gallivan

Maria Friedman

Danielle Hope

Alison Jiear

Haydn Gwynne

Sally Anne Triplett

David Bedella

Tam Mutu

Paul Kaye

Stuart Matthew Price

Lucy May Barker

James Bourne

Madalena Alberto

Jenna Russell


Paying Compliments

Music Cathy Shostak

Lyrics: Paul James

Performed by: Annalene Beechey and Gary Milner

Direction: Simon Greiff

Arrangements: Jen Green


Shenton’s View

Pouring yourself a cup of ambition


“…….But it’s not as if musicals are not being written by (non-celebrity) women. At the recent Mercury Musical Developments 20th anniversary gala, work was heard by female members that included Cathy Shostak, BB Cooper, Barb Jungr, Jennifer Toksvig, Gwyneth Herbert, Christine Denniston, Denise Wright and Pippa Cleary. So it isn’t an absence of members or ability.”