The Boy Who Fell Into a Book

Alan Ayckbourn’s

The Boy Who Fell Into a Book

Musical Adaptation and Lyrcis: Paul James

Music by Cathy Shostak and Eric Angus

Musical supervision and arrangements: Mark Warman

Musical Director: Chris Guard

Director: Sir Alan Ayckbourn

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, July/August 2014



Kevin: Evelyn Hoskins

Rockfist: Nicolas Colicos

Red Gareth, Ebeneezer, Rumpelstiltskin: Stephen Matthews

Gran Wolf, Red Bishop: Jon Barr

Monique, Red Queen: Katie Birtill and White Queen: Natasha Barnes


Designer: Michael Holt

Choreography: Sheila Carter

Casting Director: Sarah Hughes CDG

Lighting: Jason Taylor

The Band

Mark Warman, Chris Guard, Timothy Dulloway and Anthony Lawton


Poster by Hive