The Demon Headmaster

The Demon Headmaster

Adapted from the book and the BBC television series by Gillian Cross


Book: Paul James

Composers: Eric Angus and Cathy Shostak

Lyrics: Paul James and Iain Halstead


Workshop: The Royal National Theatre Studio

Director: Mick Gordon

Musical Director: Mark Warman


Janie Dee, Clive Carter, Will Keen, Kacey Ainsworth, Hamish Clark, Claire Cox, Susannah Hitching,

Bruce Alexander, Clare Cathcart, Sarah Crossdale, William Osborne, Howard Ward


No 1 National Tour (and The Pleasance Theatre):

Director: Matthew White

Choreographer: Sam Spencer-Lane

Producers: Green and Lenagan and Jacqui Coughlan

Orchestrations: Neil McArthur


Terrence Hardiman, Sam Kenyon, Dave Benson-Phillips, Alicia Davies,

Christopher Pizzey, Amanda Gordon

Cast: The Pleasance Theatre:

Sam Kenyon, Elizabeth Renihan, Gilz Terera, Gail MacKinnon, Chris Jefferson,

Roger Parrott, Penny Bell-Fowler



(co-written with Eric Angus)


The Oath  Lyrics: Paul James
“… a musical endowed with strong characterization, pacy plot and good songs.” Time Out

“Some nifty assonances build up the tension in ‘Scared” .. The Times


“The juvenile audience gave every sign of being enthralled and it would be a hard-hearted adult

who wasn’t moved too.” – Sunday Telegraph


“A cracking storyline, both suspenseful and silly, and a terrific score …” Highbury & Islington Express


“ is so well done and as a musical it works perfectly…” Cambridge Evening News


” I have greatly enjoyed watching this show develop and it was wonderful to

see it performed on stage ..– and I love the songs.” Gillian Cross (author)


Script and score available from:

Samuel French