The Legendary Golem

The Legendary Golem

The story of the Golem – a man-made figure who comes to life – wants to be human, then gets out of control.
New End Theatre, London

Book and Lyrics: Sylvia Freedman
Music: Cathy Shostak

Director: Brennan Street
Arrangements/Musical Supervision: Mark Warman
Musical Director: Andrew Massey
Producers: Pericles Productions/Pluto Productions

David Burt, Gaye Brown, James Gillan, Mandy Holliday, Corey Skaggs, Maria Kesselman, Velibor Topic, Caroline Skelly, Paul Sugars, Andrea Thornton, Philip Tsaras, Lee Waddingham


cathy shostak - andrew massey

Cathy with Andrew Massey




golem old new synagogue

The Old-New Synagogue – Prague


Lemon Tea – sung by Gay Soper, Neil Rutherford, Katy Feeney
Piano: Mark Warman


“…Poignant and compelling drama” Dan Cairns Sunday Times


“Uplifting family musical” The Times


“THE BOSNIAN actor Velibor Topic is an extraordinary sight. Tall and shaven-headed,
he combines some of the beauty and brooding presence of the young Brando with
an altogether more hulking, extraterrestrial quality. Paul Taylor The Independent


“Stunning, stunning, stunning” Spectrum Radio


New Tuners, Chicago, USA


“Very moving music”

“Wonderful – Tuneful and witty”

“It’s delightful”

“Humorous touches and strong resolution”